Back from vacation

I just back to office after a month vacation and going through the back log/pending work. Currently, having an uphill task of upgrading an Oracle 9i data warehouse database (3 TB size) to Oracle 10g and also migrating this database from HP to AIX.

Its been nearly two months that I didn't write anything to my blog also didn't participate in any kind of database forums as I was gearing up for my every first seminar (RMAN). I have successfully delivered my one exclusive RMAN seminars in Sweden and Denmark respectively in September month. Good amount of participants were present, 20 participants in Sweden and 28 participants in Denmark. Although, the seminars went well, I felt still there was a lot room for improvement. I was bit worried about the time constraint to complete the seminar. In the modified RMAN seminar contents, now, more practical examples with 11g RMAN new features and changes are also added.

The first thing which I did was installing 11g on Windows OS in my PC. I am more interested to test RMAN changes and testing Active Standby Database(snapshot database) in 11g database. I am also busy in preparing a new one day exclusive seminar on High Availability Data Guard.

In my next blog, I am going to discuss about my experience with Active Standby Database and findings.

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Raj said...

I would be interested to know your experience in migrating from HP to AIX.

I had to migrate from Solaris to Linux and had to have more than 12 hrs for exp/imp on 9i.


deepika said...

hi i read your posts here and on Oracle forum. great stuff. i work for a DWH firm in India they have started a forum on BI . It would be great if you could share your knowledge with the members here: http://forums.keysoft.co.in/


Umair said...


With 11g DBA responsibilites are chaning.

Please advice as how one dba should be up to date with the technology.