How to boost RMAN performance on AIX5L systems

I have come accross of following two metalinks notes on 'how to improve RMAN performance on AIX5L based systems' and felt worthy blogging about it:

ML 421059.1 : How to boost the performance of RMAN on AIX5L Based Systems
ML 579158.1 : Advise On How To Improve Rman Performance

Excerpt from the ML notes.

IBM suggestions the following AIX related advices:

1. set AIXTHREAD to S on /etc/environment.

2. " ioo -o maxpgahead=256 " to set maxpgahead parameter
Initial settings were : Min/Maxpgahead 2 16

3. " vmo -o minfree=360 -o maxfree=1128 " to set minfree and maxfree...
Initial settings were : Min/Maxfree 240 256

The goal of setting those parameters would be Getting %15-20 performance improvements on RMAN backup performance on AIX 5L Based Systems.

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this was very useful..I suggested this to my team mates to implement.

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