Tough time ahead (going to have fun with RAC)

It is going to be a tough this week-end for me, and at the same time very challeging too. Well, this week-end, in simple terms, I can say that I am going to have fun with RAC.

We currently have 4 node develpment and 8 node Production RAC environment at our premises. The development currently running on Oracle 10g R2 with patchset, which we are planning to upgrade to My god, there are over 20 databases running across these 4 nodes. Uff.. upgrading cluster, asm and all those databases to patchset.. tough time!

Along with upgrade activity, we also plan the following at the same time:

Changing the IPs of public and interconnect on production.
Moving a RAC database from development to production.

Apart from the above, there are couple of small changes to be done.

I know one time such a big change is not recommended and a very tough task too. Thankfully, we are not really  into production yet,  we have ample of downtime to carry out/complete all these tasks.

Wish me best of luck and I will blog about any issues that I faced during this activity.

Happy reading,



Anonymous said...

Great Job,

I hope you will definitely complete it succefully.

Anonymous said...

Good luck.
One thing which puzzled me is 20 databases running on 4 nodes, I thought a RAC cluster can have only one database at a time. Maybe it's the logical division of 20 databases (tablespaces) at application level. I always enjoy reading your blog and wish you a smooth transition/upgrade to the new patchset.


The Human Fly said...


>> I thought a RAC cluster can have only one database at a time.

Its a wrong assumption my dear. You can have as many as databases, instance (upto the limit).

The patching task was not a fruitful one, as we had faced a major issue during patching. Though, finally got resolved using the out of book solution, it was a tough one. I am going to blog about the issue which we had it during the patching. Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog.