Oracle DB & RAC 10gR2 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations by Erik Salander

While browsing this afternoon, I have come across of 'Oracle DB & RAC 10gR2 on IBM AIX: Tips and Considerations'
paper by Erik Salander. Well, if you have any planns to setup RAC on AIX, I recommend you to have a look at this paper.

If you wanna need the abstract of this paper before you want to download, here it is:

This paper consolidates the information that needs to be considered when implementing and Oracle Database 10gR2 or Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) 10gR2 on AIX 

This paper is written to a level of detail that assumes readers have an in-depth knowledge of AIX , Oracle Database 10g, Oracle RAC 10g and the related products.

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