Advt: Oracle 11g R1/R1 Real Application Clusters Handbook

Well, its my turn to do a shameless marketing for our upcoming 'Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters' handbook. This book will be hitting the market some time in April 2010 and you can get more details on this book here.
Almost a year back an idea about writing a book on RAC came up in my mind and started looking for fellow co-authors plus a publishing house for our book and finally ended up writing this book for Packt Publication along with other co-authors, Ben Prusinski and Guenadi Jilevski.
One thing I must agree that writing a book requires a lot of research, patience, time and knowledge and if you are working whilst writing the book, is like a uphill task to balance the work and coping up with the chapters schedule time.Working in one of the largest RAC setup organization here in Saudi Arabia helped me tremendously to achieve this feet.
We tried to give our level best to cover most of the useful topics for the DBA who wants to administrate and maintain a complex RAC environment. Since Oracle 11gR2 is released, we had to modify a lot of contents to cover most of the useful 11gR2 features in the book. 

I will keep you update on my blog about my book and will let you know the Contents of the book as well.

Happy reading,



Mohammed Moinuddin Umair said...


Jaffer bhai when this book will be released?


Baig said...

Congrats on Great achievement


yaseen said...

Dear Jaffer,

Nice to see your name in the Book.


Yaseen AR

Kamran Agayev said...

Congratulations Jaffar. I'm very happy to see you writing a book. BTW - don't forget to change your name to "Jaffar" as it's written as "Jaffer" on the cover of the book :)

The Human Fly said...

Thank you Kamran for passing by. Actually, on the records my name is spelled as 'Jaffer', hence I kept the same on the book too.

vap824 said...

Is the book out yet ....cause no book stores have it..not even in india..please let me know



The Human Fly said...

It should b there this June. At the same time u can pre order the book from the site n can get good discount.

Icewarp said...

Is it out?

Icewarp said...

Is it out?

It´s kinda expensive :(

RAJEEV said...

I don't see this book at PACKAT web site any more.


Anonymous said...

This book has been taken out of amazon.co.uk also. Why is that so?


The Human Fly said...

Dear Friends,

I would like to quickly say something about our book nonavailability since few weeks.
For some unavoidable non-technical reasons, the book has been withheld from the public sale for a temporary period of time. It will be put for sale again in the market in couple of months of time from now.
Thank you for concerns and wishes.



Icewarp said...

What happened?