crs_stat has been deprecated in 11gR2

While reading whats new and whats deprecated in Oracle 11gR2, I came across of the following:

  • Command crs_stat has been deprecated  in 11gR2, do not use it anymore, to find out all user resource state use, $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stat res -t
  •  By default ora.gsd is OFFLINE if there's no 9i database in the cluster, ora.oc4j is OFFLINE in as Database Workload Management(DBWLM) is unavailable.

By the way, in 11gR2 or above, you can use the below command to find out the clusterware process state:

  • $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stat res -t -init


kellypw said...

Thank you - old habits die hard. This was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

nice :-)

And the new 11g RAC book is OUR book.

Ben Prusinski

scott said...

Too bad the output from this new command is lousy. I like the old one for scripting. crs_stat -t | grep ....