addNode.sh ERROR [PRKC-PRCF-2015] and RESOLUTION

Here is a very quick and short blog update about the issue we had confronted whilst performing an addNode action.

As part our ongoing HPUX servers migration project (Superdom 1 to Superdome 2 ), we agreed on a plan, where we wanted to add same amount of nodes (new configuration) to the exists cluster environment and then delete the old nodes after successfully migrating everything over the new nodes.

Well the addnode procedure was going smoothly until the following error occurrence :
PRCF-2023 : The following contents are not transferred as they are non-readable
1) /u00/app/11.2.0/grid_1/bin/oradaemonagent
2) /u00/app/11.2.0/grid_1/crs/utl/cluvfy
3) /u00/app/11.2.0/grid_1/srvm/admin/logging.properties

Refer to '/u00/app/oracle/oraInventory/logs/addNodeActions2012-06-22_06-27-57AM.log' for details. You may fix the errors on the required remote nodes. Refer to the install guide for error recovery.
96% Done.
The previous experience on this error to perform the following action plan:
  • Copy those files to the target node.
  • Execute orainstRoot.sh on the target node followed by root.sh execution.
  • Create a new local inventory on the new nodes followed by inventory update action across all nodes.

This time around we didn't see the instructions to manually execute the orainstRoot.sh in the error. We also found that the file (orainstRoot.sh) doesn't exists under oraInventory location on the new node.

Although it was a clearly indication of sort of permission issue, we didn't want to take the risk as its a business critical environment, and we opened a TAR with Oracle support to seek their assitance. After going through the painful process (providing logs and other feed back), the engineer asked us to add an additional read permission (chmod o+r to those files) to the files in the context and instructed to re-initate the addNode procedure.

Well, after addiging an additional read previlige to the files, the addNode procedure started over and it went on smoothly.

Small things some time can draw you crazy.  Anyways, its part of life, you need to deal with it.

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