Notable changes discovered (accidentally) in

The other day I was building some test scenarios for my chapter, and accidentally discovered adding new instance to an existing RAC database was made simply in  I still remember the long procedure we use to practice to add a new instance, either manual or using the DBCA. However, in, with simple 'srvctl add instance -d <database_name> -i <instance_name> -n <node_list>' command, you can add a new instance very quickly. In fact, the srvctl utility now capable of doing all the procedure for you.

I also quite liked the power of srvctl utility, for example, in in order to mount an ASM diskgroup on any ASM instance, I can simply do it using the 'srvctl start diskgroup -g <diskgroup_name> -n <nodes_list> command. This is was pretty much handy for us during our database migration project in the recent past.

Also noticed if a diskgroup is unmounted on any node in the cluster, and you try to do the instance movement or new instance addition on that node, the diskgroup will be mounted automatically in contrast to earlier versions where an error message popes up.

Perhaps I could be a bit late discovering(accidentally) these changes, however, one should definitely agree, each passing day a new learning day.

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