Its data guard time for the team yet again

Just a very quick update about my upcoming tasks and what I will be doing for the next 3 weeks time.

It is indeed going to be a super busy rest of the month for the entire team as over 41 RAC databases data guard configuration need to be done.  We will be pretty engaged and occupied for the next 3 weeks creating standby databases and configuring DG setup in the context to have a fully functional DR environment.

We have done similar practice in the past (a few months ago) to test the DR capabilities for database and application, and now its time to have a permanent DR configuration. Therefore, anticipate a lot of blogging about DR stuff in the coming days at my blog.

Wish me luck people.



Raj Kumar Kushwaha said...

All the best.

Pavam Kootukaran said...

All the best. Once the setup is over pls share HLD and the doc so that it will be helpful for us to understand and learn. R u using goldengate?