How to stabilize, improve and tune Oracle EBS Payroll and Retropay process

Visited few customers off late to review the performance issues pertaining to their Oracle EBS Payroll and Retro-pay processes. Not sure if many are aware of the tools Oracle has to analyze and improve any Oracle EBS modules, including Payroll and Retro-pay. To get proactive with Oracle EBS, refer the following note:

  • Get Proactive with Oracle E-Business Suite - Product Support Analyzer Index (Doc ID 1545562.1)

I must say, after running through the analyzers (Retro and Payroll), and implementing the suggestions, significant performance is achieved without making any change to the queries. I would strongly recommend to run the analyzers on different modules on Oracle EBS to get proactive and achieve performance improvements and stability. Below is the Payroll analyzer report screen shot, explains the findings and recommendations:


Few good MOS notes to stabilize, improve and tune the Retro-pay and Payroll processes on Oracle EBS environment:

  • EBS Payroll RetroPay Analyzer (Doc ID 1512437.1)
  • EBS Database Parameter Settings Analyzer (Doc ID 1953468.1)
  • EBS Payroll Analyzer (Doc ID 1631780.1)
  • EBS HRMS Payroll - RetroPay Advisor (Doc ID 1482827.1)
  • RetroPay Analyzer Tool FAQ (Doc ID 1568129.1)

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