Migrating data from on-primeses to cloud

No doubt everyone talks about cloud technologies and certainly could holds the future for various reasons. Oracle doesn't want to left behind in the competition and put the top gear towards cloud offerings. 

This blog explore various Oracle options to migrate on-premises data to cloud. Typically, when a database is created on cloud, the next challenging factor is loading the data to cloud. The good thing about data migration is that the methods and procedures remain the same as you were doing earlier. All data migration constraints still applied, like the following:
  • OS versions of on-premises and cloud machine
  • DB versions
  • Character set
  • DB Size
  • data types
  • Network bandwidth
 The very known and DBA friendly popular Oracle methods are still valid for cloud data migration too :
  • Logical method (conventional data pumps)
  • TTS
  • Cross platform TTS
  • Unplugging/Plugging/Cloning/Remote Cloning of PDBs
  • SQL Developer and SQL Loader
  • Golden Gate
Usually, you take the data backup, choosing the method which suits your requirements,  and upload the backup files to the cloud machine where the database is hosted. Please consider good network and internet speed to expedite the data migration process.

In the example below, data pump (dumpfile) is copied from the on-premises machine to the cloud host machine:

Once the backup files are transferred to the cloud host, you use the typically method to do the data restore.

For more options, read the URL below:


For example using SQL Developer and SQL Loading, read the URLs below:



Golden Gate

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