Oracle Clusterware 12cR2 - deprecated and desupported features

Having clear understanding of deprecated and desupported features in a new release is equally important as knowing the new features of the release. In this short blog post, I would like to highlight the following features that are either deprecated or desupported in 12cR2.


·        config.sh will no longer be used for Grid configuration wizard, instead, the gridSetip.sh is used in 12cR2;
·        Placement of OCR and Voting files directly on a shared filesystem is not deprecated;
·        The diagcollection.pl utility is deprecated in favor of Oracle Trace File Analyzer;


·        You are no longer able to use Oracle Clusterware commands that are prefixed with crs_.

In my next blog post, will go over some of the important features Oracle Clusterware in 12cR2. Stay tuned.


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