DBMCLI Utility

Exadata comes with two types of servers, cell (storage) and compute (db). Its important for Database Machine Administrators (DMAs) to manage and configure servers for various purposes. For cell server administration and server settings, we use the cellcli utility. With X6 and higher, the DBMCLI utility can be used to administrate and configure server settings on compute nodes.

The DBMCLI utility is the command-line administration tool for configuring database servers, and managing server environment. Like cellcli, DBMCLI also runs on each compute server to enable you to configure an individual database server. The DBMCLI can be used to start and stop the server, to manage server configuration information, and to enable or disable servers. The utility is preconfigured when Oracle Exadata Database Machine is shipped.

Note : If you have enabled Capacity on Demand (CoD) during Exadata implementation, using this utility you can increase the CPU count on demand.

 To invoke/start the utility on the $ prompt, just execute dbmcli command

$ dbmcli [port_number] [-n] [-m] [-xml] [-v | -vv | -vvv] [-x] [-e command]

 With dbmcli utility, you can retireve the server configuration details, metric information and configure SMTP server details, start / stop the server etc.

Fore more details, read the Oracle documentation:



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