Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and third-party backup tools (CloudBerry)

As part of the Cloud Infrastructure services, Oracle offers below persistent I/O intensive block storage and high-throughput storage options, which is manageable through the console and by CLI:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Transfer Service
 To understand the details, features, pricing and etc, visit the URL below:

One of the customers was struggling to delete the backup data from the Oracle Cloud to avoid the charges. Oracle support requested to use the CloudBerry tools for easy management. Below is the excerpt from the CloudBerry website :

"With CloudBerry Backup you can use Oracle Storage Cloud Service as a cost-effective, remote backup solution for your enterprise data and applications. By backing up your data and applications to Oracle Storage Cloud Service, you can avoid large capital and operating expenditures in acquiring and maintaining storage hardware. By automating your backup routine to run at scheduled intervals, you can further reduce the operating cost of running your backup process. In the event of a disaster at your site, the data is safe in a remote location, and you can restore it quickly to your production systems"

CloudBerry offers below Oracle tools :
  • CloudBerry Explorer
  • CloudBerry Backup
  • CloudBerry Managed Backup
  • CloudBerry Drive
 Visit their website to explore more about these tools:


We then used CloudBerry Backup tool (15 days free trail) to move the backup files from the Oracle cloud storage and removed it from the cloud.

You may download the 15 days free trail and give a try.

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