Now my articles appears on SSWUG.org web site - WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!

If I remember correctly, sometime back couple of people complained that their articles appeared / published on SSWUG.ORG web site without their knowledge and permissions.

Today, I was shocked and surprised to see couple of my articles (which were written on blog) appeared on this site. I don't remember that they have ever taken my permissions to publish at their site.

Following is the link of few articles published on their web site:

Simulating 11g Snapshot Standby Database feature on Oracle 10g?

Change behavior of GROUP BY clause in 10g

I don't mind publishing my articles on their web site if they would have taken my permission.

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Francois said...

Mine are also published there. As the only explanation, the Web master told me that I must be happy beacause of the brand new publicity offered...

The Human Fly said...

That was definitely a bad reply from them. Moreover, at least, I don't need this kind of cheap publicity.
The victim of sswug.org list has been growing and someone should take some serious steps to stop this.

Francois said...

The most incredible in this business is that the end user have to pay to read the full article, that is free at the origin!

Aviad said...

They published article of mine too.
I can't believe they are taking money for this..

Habib said...

Legally they cannot do this and you can threaten to sue unless they not only attribute you as author but also need author's permission to Reproduce your stuff for commercial purposes. You might in your agreement with them say they can Link to your blog but not republish else they need to pay you for your article. I think Syed you should make a big deal of it to them. don't let it slide.

Also to strengthen your case start putting a statement about this at the bottom of all your articles..

Anonymous said...


Pl. don't be surprised Stephen Wynkoop (owner) of SSWUG.ORG survives on other people's knowledge to make his living.