Wow! I am able to change my email ID on OTN forums.

It was a known fact that once you setup an email id on the OTN forums, it was not possible to change the email id again and many people were just surprised about this behaviour.

I don't know, how many of you aware that the changing of email id on OTN forums is possible now. I knew that many of you are least bothered about this, however, if anybody wants to change the email id, now you can do that easily and get rid off your legay email id.

How to change the profile information on OTN forums:

Once you log in on OTN forums, click 'Your Control Panel' option on right top corner which gives the facility to change the profile information, including your email id.

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Noons said...


now, if the could extend this cutting edge technology development to ALL of otn instead of just the forums, it would REALLY be useful.

because I'm sick and tired of not being able to change my email on my otn id!

must be that web2.0 thing again...

Anonymous said...

but surprisingly still it doesnt allows to edit the email account.