Happy Birthday To ME! I am 34 years old now!

I was just wondering how days, months and a year past my life . It looks like I recently blogged about my previous birthday and now I am blogging about my another birthday.

I am not one of those good people who do set some goals every year to achieve. I am bit lazy doing so. However, this time I do set couple of goals, like, achieving the OCM status and a very careful planning about financial savings(which I never think seriously before).

It was really a very fruitful last year where I did achieve something good in my life, like, given my ever first international Oracle seminars in Sweden & Denmark, spending more time working on RAC environments and brought a good house.

Unlike last year, no French Corner Cacke this time. No plans of celebration. Its like a normal day for me.

Thanks for passing by my blog.

Happy reading,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jaffar...
I must get OCP too :) then who knows OCM :)


My Thoughts said...

Congratulations for all achievements and all the best for your future endeavors! Hope you achieve OCM. I'm also aiming at it.


sumer said...

Congratulations Jaffar...

need some tips to get clear OCP 10g upgradation exam

Vinod V said...

Many more happy returns of the day!!!
And all the best for your OCM...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jaffar.