Oracle doesn't allow replacing ocr disk or adding the mirror copy if the new disk size is less than the existing ocr disk size

At least my self now decided not to believe in the ML Notes (not always though), its better testing what they have said. I was trying to replace an existing ocr location and also trying to add mirror copy of ocr. During RAC setup, we have used 1gb disks for OCR and voting disk (with single copy of each).
In order to multiplex the OCR and Voting disk we have requsted our UNXI team to gives us the four raw disks with 500mb each (oracle recommends 300MB for OCR/Voting Disk, may be less) and whil trying to replace/mirror the ocr to the new raw disks, I have got the following errors:

for OCR Mirror copy: PROT-22:Storage is too small
for replace OCR : PROT-16: Internal Error

As usaul, we search in the ML and found couple of notes for the same errors (317628.1 & 444757.1). Well, the ML Note : 317628.1 said the following:

fails with "PROT-22: Storage too small" error. The problem is due to an Oracle bug where this operation requires the OCR mirror partition/file tobe larger than the original by up to 128MB. The bug has been fixed in the patchset."

The note says that this bug has been fixed in patch, we are on patch and the bug still persists.

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Martin Decker said...

We are experiencing the exact same problem on on Linux Itanium. I am currently working with oracle support on it. (Bug 4411708)

The Human Fly said...


What I knew is that this problem is resolved in v11g.