An interesting 5 day EMC SAN Storage Implementation course

When I reached the office this morning, I have been informed by my manager that my name has been suggested from the DBA team to attend the SAN Storage Implementation 5 day course and I must rush to the training center right away. It was a bit suprise news for me and I initally thought its not my cup of tea, but, still wanted to attend.

Today, we have just completed day 1 class in which all the basic stuff about SAN storage (specially EMC) has been discussed and I must say it is really worthy attending this training. It did really help me to clear some of the basic concepts which I was thinking about SAN Storage.

Now, I can talk about, what is a SAN Block Box (what does it consists of), what is a VLAN/VSAN, Fiber Channel, type of ports on a switch, how volume manager works, what is a LUN, port zoaning. prot channels, what is multipathing & it works, and etc. stuff. I am not sure how long I am going to keep this terminology in my memory, but, surely, this course going to give me bit of confidence to configure our RAC enviornment optimally.

I will be posting about the interesting stuff that learned in the class in coming days.

A final word about our storage. Our bank has brought EMC DMX4 SAN storage.

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Anonymous said...


If it is not too much, it would be helpful if you can share your learning with us. This would not only help us it will help to reitrate what you learned too.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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Zaffer Khan said...

Looking forward post posts in this Area (tips from concepts to implementations for RAC).