Database migration across platforms and conversion of single instance to RAC

Working in a huge RAC environment, each passing day is a learning day for me. After setting up 4 node RAC on HP UX Itanium 2 Severs, the subsequent task/challenge is to migrate single instance databases (around 16) from AIX OS to HP OS and plus converting single instance to RAC.

I have started this task on a low confidence note, I would be lying if I say I was very much confident. However, as thing progress, my confidence level went high and at the end I have successfully migrated a database (single instance) from AIX OS to HP OS and then converted the single instance database to RAC database.

To give you a rough idea what I have done:

Converted database from AIX to HP using RMAN.
On HP, then, converted this databases from single-instance to RAC database. There are few ways using which you can achieve this. However, I have opted the DBCA option to execute the task.

Next step is to migrate and convert the rest of the databases using the same method.

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Anonymous said...

Can you share any documentation you may have with more detailed steps?


North_Central_Rules said...

Can you please share any documentation you may have to share your knowledge?

Yasir said...

I am curious to know whether are you alone handle these tasks or you have a team?

The Human Fly said...

Dear Yasir,

Thank you for visiting my blog regularly. Well I have a team of 3 DBAs. I set the procedure and the team will follow all subsequent *similar* tasks

Yasir said...

Thats great!!

Can I ask you any DBA queries?

The Human Fly said...

Of course, you can ask any interesting DBA questions, though don't expect answer to every question.

Yasir said...

I want to learn RAC. For that I need a setup. But how can I built a RAC on my test machine which has 10g and RHEL 4.