Exadata - a new learning cuvrve

Perhaps I might be touch late on adopting/exploring/reacting/coping up with the exadata, but, it was always my dream and passion to work with the technologies since the announcement. As we knew Exadata is not something we can download and configure that easily on PC like those of traditional database or RAC software. Luckily and with the immense help from one of my friends, I managed to simulate Exadata setup (faked) on my new Macpro Book, 2 cell servers and 2 Oracle 12c RAC db nodes. Believe me, they are running incredibly fast and I am already on my way to explore/test the capabilities of Exadata.

I have also set some goals so that I will not become lazy or go slow on what I am doing. Planning to appear Exadata Admin and Implementation Specialist certification this December and January. If you are one of me and on the same boat as I am, feel free to contact me to discuss about Exadata stuff.

Have a good day


Anonymous said...

I'd be very interested in learning how to built the simulation. I've want to learn more about Exadata for some time now but I have no access to hardware.


The Human Fly said...

I have received a few requests offline/online to share the documentation. Well, I shall be preparing a good implementation doc very soon and gonna share with you.

Anonymous said...

I would also be very interested in the details of how to build the simulation. I've tried a couple of things using virtualbox but it seemed like it was failing in doing the hardware validation. It would be great if you would be willing to share your doc.



Ramesh D said...

Hi jaffar,

I also have lot of interest to learn exadata. But i don't have exadata environment. Can you please share exadata setup document in pc. It will be very useful.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaffer,
I thought we cannot replicate Exadata on our machines,but after seeing your comments I felt very happy,can you please share Exadata POC doc on our local machine.