I am speaking @AIOUG - SANGAM13 conference

This post is specifically aimed to the folks back in India, mostly in Hyderabad or surrounding places.

Perhaps most of you probably knew that the All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) annual conference SANGAM13 will be taking place in Hyderabad this year. I have been trying my luck over the past couple of years to attend and present at least a session at the conference without a success. However, this time I determined not to miss the conference, and successfully proposed two sessions.

I am glad to inform you guys that I an able to make it to the conference this year and also delivering the following two technical sessions:

  • Oracle RAC 12c upgrade - best practices (9/11/2013)
  • Troubleshooting & Managing Clusterware - 360 degrees (9/11/2013)
Having said that, I am indeed super excited to visit Hyderabad after a very long time, as this will be my first visit to the city after almost a decade, yes, you read it correctly!. Though I belong to the same state, I couldn't get a chance to visit Hyderabad over the past 10 years or so. You guys can guess all my excitement. 

I strongly recommend and encourage all of you who live in India or Hyderabad not to miss the opportunity to attend the conference and meet with many world known Oracle Gurus, like, Arup Nanda, Gaja Krishna Vidyanatha, Murali Vallath, also many other local big shots.

For enrollment and more information about the conference, do visit the one of the following websites:

Look forward to seeing you folks at the conference.

Have a good time.

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