Monitoring & Troubleshooting Oracle Cloud at Customer

The prime advantage of cloud at customer is to deliver all cloud benefits at your data center. Oracle cloud at customer provides the same. When Oracle cloud at customer is chosen, it is Oracle who is responsible to install, configure and manage the software and hardware required to run Oracle cloud at customer. However, customers are responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting resources instantiate on Oracle cloud at customer.

Customers are required to understand the difference between system and user-space monitoring and the tools required. The Oracle cloud at customer subscription consists of the below components:

  • Hardware and Software
  • Control panel software
  • The Oracle Advanced Support Gateway (OASW)
  • The Oracle Cloud Service

System monitoring vs User Space Monitoring

Typically, Oracle cloud at customer is monitored at two level:
  1. System
  2. User space
Oracle monitors the system and the customer monitors the user space.

The systems or machine resources, such as : hardware, control panel and cloud services on Oracle cloud at Customer are managed by Oracle remotely using Oracle Advanced Gateway. The OAGW is only used and accessible to Oracle authorized personnel.

The user space components consists the below:

  • Oracle Cloud accounts
  • VMs instances on IaaS or PaaS
  • DB that are provisioned within the PaaS subscription
  • Applications (Oracle or any third-party)
Oracle manages the following hardware and software components:
  • Ethernet switches
  • Power Supplies
  • Exadata Storage Servers
  • Hypervisor running on the physical servers
Customers can assign administrators to manage cloud accounts. Customers also are free to use any external monitoring agents to monitor user-space components.

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