Network design for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Assuming, you are planning to migrate your resources from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute classic environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, this blog post explains the details of network design for Cloud Infrastructure environment. It's important to understand and map the network design and details from both environments.

Cloud Inrastructure Compute Classic network has IP Networks and Shared Network model. On other hand, Cloud Infrastructure has Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) , Subnets, Availability Domain network model.

Before migration, you must map the network resources between the environments. Source -> Target:
Shared network -> VCN, IP Network -> IP Network, VPN -> IPSec VPN and Fast Connect classic -> FastConnect.

Consider creating below listed network elements in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • VCN and Subnet CIDR Prefixes
  • DNS Names 
Use the below procedure to configure cloud network for Cloud Infrastructure environment:

  1. Create one or more VCNs.
  2. Create an Internet gateway and/or NAT gateway. An Internet gateway is a virtual router that allows resources in a public subnet direct access the public Internet. A NAT gateway allows resources that don't have a public IP addresses to access the Internet, without exposing those resources to incoming traffic from the Internet.
  3. Configure a service gateway, if required. A service gateway provides a path for private network traffic between your VCN and a public Oracle service such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.
  4. Create one or more subnets in each VCN.
  5. Configure local peering gateways between VCNs, if required.
  6. Configure security lists, security rules, and route tables for each subnet.

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