16 node RAC with 12 databases

Umm.. its been really a quite long time that I did update my blog. becauseI have left my previous company (bank) after over 4 fruitful years. I have joined a new upcoming bank where I have got an opportunity to setup a 16 node RAC on HPUX (development) with 12 databases plus grid computing setup.

Though the soft lunch of the bank would be in coming few months , we are too busy setting up the RAC and Grid environment. In process, we have just started with a setup of 8 node RAC for the development environment this evening and will be ending up adding 8 more nodes on HP-UX Superdom (Itanimum 2) servers using EMC storage.

It is going to be the RAC setup all the way, i.e., starting with development, testing, pre-production and finally to production environments. I am not sure whether any coompany has such sort setup here in Saudi Arabia and this is going to be very challenging to our DBA's team as well to the OS administrators.

The next challenging which lays after the RAC setup is moving/migrating stand alone databases from AIX OS to the RAC setup on HPUX os. Which required database conversion and then adding to RAC.

I am sure that it gonna be a great fun handling such setup. There is plan to fully utilize the Computing technology, most probably looking at the workload management, TAF, FAN and etc. Its is not yet clear that all the databases (probably 12) will have scalability across all the nodes or something else.

I will keep writing in my blog about the developments, issues we faced and other technical issues during this juroney.

Till then, have good time.