Oracle DB & RAC 10gR2 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations by Erik Salander

While browsing this afternoon, I have come across of 'Oracle DB & RAC 10gR2 on IBM AIX: Tips and Considerations'
paper by Erik Salander. Well, if you have any planns to setup RAC on AIX, I recommend you to have a look at this paper.

If you wanna need the abstract of this paper before you want to download, here it is:

This paper consolidates the information that needs to be considered when implementing and Oracle Database 10gR2 or Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) 10gR2 on AIX 

This paper is written to a level of detail that assumes readers have an in-depth knowledge of AIX , Oracle Database 10g, Oracle RAC 10g and the related products.

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How to startup RAC database services automatically

As of Oracle 10gR2 ( patch set) when RAC database is started with 'srvctl start database -d DBNAME', unfortunately, the associated database services do not startup automatially. Therefore,   services must be started manually after the database startup. It could be painfull in some situations, like, when you have many databases running on RAC with daily or weekly cold backup schedule. When services are not up, clients unable to connect to the respective databsases, in case they use the service name to connect to the database.

A possible workaround is to write  FAN server side callouts. You may download perl scripts, 'Start Services on Instance Up' from http://www.oracle.com/technology/sample_code/products/rac/index.html. Its a smaple perl script which can be used to as a FAN Server Side callout to start services when an instanes up event is received on the node. You need to put the scripts under $CRS_HOME/racg/usrco. The PDF contains the procedure how to deploy the scripts, setting permission and other stuff.

In 11g,  When services are already started on some remote nodes, then the startup of the instance on the local node will autostart the services on it.


ML 416178.1: After Srvctl Start Database, Database Services Will Not Start Up Automatically

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