Yet another Oracle SIG born - IOUG Virtualization SIG

Good news for those who are interested in Oracle and Virtualization technologies. Yet another Oracle SIG commenced to help the community.

Excerpt from IOUG Virtualization SIG page:

IOUG Virtualization SIG

Virtualization is the foundation stone in the Cloud Computing space and an integral part of the IT ecosystem. The IOUG Virtualization SIG is dedicated to communication and information around all areas of virtualization.

The IOUG Virtualization SIG was started at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.  The main purpose of the SIG is to discuss and share the key challenges, options, and best practices for virtualizing Oracle.  Topics will be discussed freely in this open forum and will touch on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, storage management, Oracle VM, VMware and EMC.  The SIG is led by the following thought leaders in the virtualization community. 

President and Website ChairTariq Farooq, BrainSurface and Oracle ACE DirectorVice PresidentGeorge Trujillo, VMware, Double Oracle ACEVendor Liaison ChairMichael Corey, NtiretyContent and Resource ChairDr. Bert Scalzo, Texas Publishing and Oracle ACEWeb Events ChairKai Yu, Dell and Oracle ACE Director 
Board LiaisonMaria Anderson, Encana

Member at LargeMichael Ault, Texas Memory Systems
Member at LargeCharles Kim, Viscosity Technology and Oracle ACE Director
Member at LargeSyed Jaffar Hussain, Alinma Bank and Oracle ACE Director

For registration, events and more details, click the following link: