The core purpose of this page is to bring-in and correct the typos found in our RAC book. If you find any typos or contradictory phrases/text in the book, please bring-in to our notice and I (we) would like to either clarify or correct them here. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Page 51
Text reads:
alter system set filesystemio_options=async scope=spfile;
The async is actually asynch (with h).
SYSTEM @ora11gr2> alter system set filesystemio_options=async scope=spfile;
alter system set filesystemio_options=async scope=spfile
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00096: invalid value ASYNC for parameter filesystemio_options, must be from
among none, setall, directIO, asynch
SYSTEM @ora11gr2> alter system set filesystemio_options=asynch scope=spfile;
System altered.
Page 134
Text reads:
It is typo with +ASN2. It should be +ASM2.
Page 245
It is supposed to be V$MEMORY_TARGET_ADVICE  (missing O in MEMORY)
Page 314
It reads:
Oracle recommends that you set cursor sharing to SIMILAR, so that SQL
statements can share a cursor in situations where the EXACT parameter is not valid.
I think Oracle actually recommends that customers discontinue setting cursor_sharing = SIMILAR based in this document “ANNOUNCEMENT: Deprecating the cursor_sharing = ‘SIMILAR’ setting (Doc ID 1169017.1)”.
And in the case of the EXACT cannot be used, Oracel instead recommends to set cursor_sharing = FORCE to leverage the Adaptive Cursor Sharing feature in 11g.
Page 43 of the book
Text reads:
With RAID 0+1, the array disks are first mirrored (RAID 0) and then striped (RAID 1) chunks are distributed across the disks.
It should say:
With RAID 0+1, the array disks are first stripped (RAID 0) and then mirrored (RAID 1) chunks are distributed across the disks.

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