Subscribe Oracle Support HOT topics- stay in touch with Oracle developments

Subscribing the 'Oracle Support HOT Topics'  to receive an email notification about Oracle latest Bugs, Knowledge articles, Product News and etc via MOS was one of the good things I had done in the recent past. Upon subscription, all MOS users start receiving a daily dosage of important updates about BUGS, SRs, Articles and etc. If you don't want to miss the important updates, do subscribe right away.

If you haven't done this yet or not aware of this feature, I would highly recommend you to do it when you got time. The following synopsis the procedure to subscribe the notification about the topics, also refer to MOS ID 793436.1:

               --> on the 'Settings' tab
                                   -->Choose 'Hot topics E-Mail' option underneath  Personal category on your left.
                                                --> Choose the topic and frequency you like to receive news letter

Here is the screen shot of my settings:

 Trust me people, its worth having an updated feedback from Oracle about the product news, bugs and great articles list every day.