Oracle Cloud - Database Services

This blog post highlights some of the essentials of Oracle cloud Database service offerings and its advantages. Also discuss about Database deployment (DBaaS) benefits and tools that can be used to automate backup/recovery operations and maintenance tasks.

No doubt, most of the software houses are now pushing the clients towards the cloud services. Though Cloud provides several benefits, one should really understands the benefits, threats and offerings from the different cloud vendors. I am going to discuss here about Oracle Cloud Database Services offering.

Database service
  • Oracle Database Exadata cloud at customer (Full Oracle Databases hosted on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine inside the customer's DC)
  • DB Service on Bare Metal (Dedicated database instances with full administrate control)
  • Exadata Express Service
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service (Full Oracle Databases hosted on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine inside the Oracle Cloud)
  • Database Schema service (A dedicated schema with a complete development and deployment platform managed by Oracle)
 Provides :

  • Rapid provisioning to use in minutes
  • Grow as your business grow
  • Provides tight security to protect the data
  • Off-loads your day-to-day maintenance work

Database deployment (earlier known as DBaaS): is a compute environment which provides:
  • A Linux VM
  • Oracle software
  • A per-created database
  • Cloud tools 
  • for automated and on-demand backup and recovery, automated patching and upgrades, web monitoring tool etc.

Patching a deployment database:
  • Use UI Cloud Interface from Oracle cloud DB Service console or use the command line utility : dbaascli
Backup and Recovery of deployment database:
  • bkup_api Automated backup service level
  • dbaascli Automated recovery service level 
For more information about Features, Overview and pricing of Oracle Cloud Database services, visit : https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/database

I will be blogging about each topic separately in the coming posts.

Stay tuned.