Expert Oracle RAC


Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming "Expert Oracle RAC"  on 12c - book, published by Apress and authored by four (04) ACED:

Syed Jaffer Hussain
Riyaj Shamsudeen
Kai Yu
Tariq Farooq

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Will said...

H, Jaffar:

I have a problem with a RAC system, on Windows Server 2008 R2.
the release and the issue is that:

- When trying to bring up remote listener, it does not come up
- Te reason is: the Cluster system is trying to read the lister.ora from Oracle_HOME/NETWORK/ADMIN,
rather than from where it's supposed to:%GRID_HOME%/NETWORK/ADMIN
- How Do I know: when listener.ora is copied to %OH%/NETWROK/ADMN, the scan listeners come up
- What's wrong with doing this? Oracle highly advises against placing listener.ora anywhere lease, but %GRID_HOME. Corrupts the OCR/CLusterware;
the system tarts behaving strangely...

Your help will be appreciate.