11g Database Creation with DBCA

After successfully completing Oracle 11g on Red Hat Linux(v4), I thought of creating a new database using DBCA utility instead creating manually. While using DBCA utility to create a new database, I have found following three new changes:

1. If no listener is configured, DBCA utility prompts a message to configure a listener first.
2. Security Settings gives the following options:
- Keep the enhanced 11g default security settings(recommended)These settings include
enabling auditing and a new default password profile.
- Revert to pre-11g default security settings
3. Automatic maintenance task tasks
such as optimizer statistics collection and proactive advisor reports.
The default maintenance windows are 10:00 pm to 2:am on weekdays and all weekend long.

When I count records from v$system_event, surprisingly, I found only 77 records? Is it okay?


11g 'hot patching'

One feature which caught my extreme attention while installing 11g was 'hot patching' feature.

Oracle says: ''hot patching,' which improves system availability by allowing database patches to be applied without the need to shut databases down."

For me, it is really hard to digest about upgrading (applying patches) while they are currently running. However, if this is believed to be true, then, definitely this feature going to resolve the hassles of shutting down the production databases while applying patches.



11g Installation

Last night I was able to successfully installed Oracle 11g on Red Hat Linux(v4). The only problem I have faced during the installation stage (the prerequisite check stage) was about missing Red Hat rpms (three) and minimum memory required for installation(I have installed on a virtual machine with 700+M) .

I am very inquisitive to test RMAN enhancements and also Active Standby Database feature.



Oracle 11g Metalink notes

Metalink has couple of new notes/articles about Oracle 11g Active Duplicate Database and DBCA enhancements. Following are the metalinks notes :

11g BDCA New Features / Enhancements - 454631.1
Automatic Memory Management(AMM) on 11g - 443746.1
RMAN 'Duplicate Database' Feature in 11G - 452868.1
Finding alert.log file in 11g - 438148.1

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Celebrating 60th Indian Independence Day

Indian Independence Day

I wish all the Indians across the global a very happy independence day.

God bless all,

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Oracle 11g - Active Standby Database

I have read about Oracle 11g Active Data Guard and pretty impressed with the enhancements done in the Data Guard technology.

Although, I haven't tested those enhancements, but, looks very useful.

Following are the few notable enhancements:

1. Enabling physical standby database in read only mode while all the changes from the production database are being applied to it. This feature resemblance to logical standby database techniques in previous Oracle versions.

2. Snapshot Standby - A snapshot Standby is open for read-write which can be ideally suited for test environments, able to process transactions independently of the primary database. At the same time, it maintains protection by continuing to receive data from the production database, archiving it for later use.
Using a single command discard changes made while read-write mode and quickly resynchronizes the standby with the primary database.

I really need to do a test case on these enhancement in order to find out whether it really work the way Oracle says or any bugs associates with them.

For more information, read the following pdf document which is available at Oracle site.


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