ORA 22 invalid session id; access denied

My colleage was badly struck with the 'ORA 22 invalid session id; access denied'  
problem while connecting to any database from an AIX machine (where Oracle client was installed).
All the links including ML note to this errors, never helped to resolve the issue.

In our case, the problem occured because the hostname of this machine was mentioned wrongly in the /etc/hosts file.
Once we corrected the hostname in the hosts file, problem has been resolved.




A very happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prospers New Year. 

May this New Year bring tons of happiness in your life.



How to boost RMAN performance on AIX5L systems

I have come accross of following two metalinks notes on 'how to improve RMAN performance on AIX5L based systems' and felt worthy blogging about it:

ML 421059.1 : How to boost the performance of RMAN on AIX5L Based Systems
ML 579158.1 : Advise On How To Improve Rman Performance

Excerpt from the ML notes.

IBM suggestions the following AIX related advices:

1. set AIXTHREAD to S on /etc/environment.

2. " ioo -o maxpgahead=256 " to set maxpgahead parameter
Initial settings were : Min/Maxpgahead 2 16

3. " vmo -o minfree=360 -o maxfree=1128 " to set minfree and maxfree...
Initial settings were : Min/Maxfree 240 256

The goal of setting those parameters would be Getting %15-20 performance improvements on RMAN backup performance on AIX 5L Based Systems.

Happy Reading,