Ad: Interesting webinars lined up at RedGate - dont miss it

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In case if you haven't come across, here is a very quick update about some of the very interesting webinars lined-up at RedGate by world top most known Oracle gurus, such as (in no particular order), Jonathan Lewis,  Carry Milsap, Tom Kyte, Doug Burns, Ron Crisco and Randolf Geist.

The topics are listed hereunder:

24 May 2012     Agile Schema Design    by Ron Crisco, Method R Corporation
07 June 2012     Oracle Heap Tables or SQL Server Clustered Indexes? A Live Debate
                                                              by Jonathan Lewis (Oracle ACE Director, OakTable Member) and
                                                                  Grant Fritchey (Microsoft SQL Server MVP)
21 June 2012     Tom Kyte - subject TBC
03 July 2012      How I Learned to Love Pictures - OEM Performance Page Fundamentals 
                                                              by Doug Burns, Oracle ACE Director, OakTable Member
19 July 2012     Falling in Love All Over Again - OEM 12c Performance Page Enhancements  
                                                              by Doug Burns, Oracle ACE Director, OakTable Member
02 Aug 2012    Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Advanced Session              
                                                              by Randolf Geist, Oracle ACE Director, OakTable Member

To register the webinars in the context and to view the past webinars, visit here.

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