How to manage DB and Cell servers remotely on Exadata with ExaCLI utility - (Part 1)

Whoever is working with Exadata or knew how to administrate Exadata major components like DB and Cell nodes, will certainly knows the use of CellCLI, dcli and DBMCLI utilities. This blog post is focused about managing database and cell servers remotely using the ExCLI and ExadCLI utilities.

Simply put, ExaCLI is a command line tool which comes by default on database & cell nodes that provides the capabilities of remote management for database and cell servers on the Exadata. Unlike CellCLI only runs on cell servers and DBMCLI runs on only DB nodes, the ExaCLI can manage database or cell servers remotely.

There are two key advantages of using the ExaCLI: 1) Its useful when you can't get SSH connectivity and root user credentials to connect DB or Cell nodes. 2) With Exadata at customer or cloud, customers won't get SSH and root user access for CellCLI and DBMCLI. So, the ExaCLI could be handy to access the servers.

ExaCLI works with the non-system (default) users on the DB or cell serers. Therefore, you must create a role based user in order use the utility to connect to a DB or cell server. The utility is found under /user/local/sbin directory.

Creating users for ExaCLI

Note : not all CellCLI commands are compatible on ExaCLI. Below sections givens an overview about the limitations:

Below are some of the examples demonstrate how to establish remote connectivity with DB or cell servers using ExaCLI:

In the next blog post, you will learn how to use the Exadcli utility execute the commands on a set of DB or cell nodes at once.