Oracle 11g Scheduler book by Packt Publishing

Mr. Ronald Rood wrote a book on Oracle Scheduler, titled 'Mastering Oracle Scheduler in 11g Oracle Databases' and the book will be out somtime in May. 

When publishers were seeking for technical reviewrs on this book,  I have shown my interest to be part of the reviewers team.  My inital impression on this book was not satisfactory one, I ask myself, a book on Scheduler?.  Beleive me, after reviewing the book, I realized the real strngths of Oracle Scheduler and how it can be utilized flly in complex scenarios.  Now, I am really happy to be part of the reviewers team for this book and I did learn few new Oracle 11g Scheduler enhancements and planning to implement few some of the features that suits to our requirements.

The book is due this May and for more details and pre-order details, you can use the following link:


Oracle to acquire SUN?

I have seen couple of mails today on freelist group stating about the news, 'Oracle going to acquire SUN'. Umm.. quite interesting deal, one has to wait and see what would be the reaction of HPUX, specially after their (Oracle and HPUX) recent exadata innovation and IBM reaction on this deal.

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Node slave process (pz99) on 10g RAC

We have observed a strange slave process, 'pz99' on our RAC databases for every connection to the database and we were wondering what type of processes are they. Thank god our doubt was cleared without much hassles. According to ML Doc :734139.1 'From Oracle 10g onwards you will find on every node slave processes like pz99. This are the processes that query the gv$ views'

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