Exadata Cloud Machine - Hardware capacity

Everyone who is aware and utilizes Exadata Database Machine is certainly knew the performance it can deliver. I have involved in many Exadata migration projects, and witnessed how customers gained the database performance and satisfied post migration. I am not talking about the cost, the need etc., as a technical guy, I knew the capabilities of the box and how it can benefit customers to fulfill their need and future demand.

We all knew about Cloud technologies, how every software company and organization trying to race with the trend and need of cloud technologies. In some countries, the cloud adoption is bit slower compare to the other part of the world. But, gradually majority of the companies would be adopting cloud technologies, this is for sure. Certainly, cloud has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Whoever utilizes it smartly, can gain much flexibility and benefits.

To ensure and meet customers demand to have Exadata availability on cloud, Oracle started Exadata Cloud services offering to facilitate Exadata machine on cloud. Still, some organization couldn't adopt cloud due to industry regulations, corporate policies, security compliance etc. Therefore, Oracle announced Exadata Cloud Machine availability. With this model, customers who want to have cloud on-premises with Exadata hardware, can go for this model.

I would like to highlight the hardware capabilities that Exadata Could Machine (ExaCM) offers.

  • 40Gbps InfiniBand Networking
  • Ultra-fast NVMe Flash storage
  • Up to 257GB/sec Throughput
  • Up to 3.6 Million 8k I/Os per sec
  • 1/4 millisecond response time
  • Fastest Compute 
  • Fastest x86 processors
  • Large Memory Capacity - 720GB per compute node
  • Complete Redundancy
Soon will talk more about Exadata Cloud Machine migrations. Stayed tuned and hunger for knowledge.