Only $99! Introductory Early Bird Offer: Register NOW! VirtaThon - The Online Conference for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities



VirtaThon - The online conference for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities

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Until May 15th, 2011
Introductory Early Bird Offer
May 16 - Jun 08, 2011Jun 09  - Jun 30, 2011Jul 01 - Jul 21, 2011
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Featured Speakers
  • Mike Ault - Oracle ACE, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of 25 Oracle Books
  • Dr. Bert Scalzo - Oracle ACE, Guru, Speaker, Author of 11 Oracle Books
  • Arup Nanda - Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Magazine's DBA of the Year, Author of 4 Oracle Books
  • Brian "Bex" Huff - Oracle ACE Director, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Vinod Haval -  Oracle Magazine's DBA of the Year, Speaker & Community Leader
  • David Koelle - Triple Java Rockstar, Duke's Choice Award Winner, Author, JUG Community Leader
  • Lewis Cunningham - Oracle ACE Director, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books 
  • Riyaj Shamsudeen - Oracle ACE, Performance Tuning Expert Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Syed Jaffar Hussain - Oracle ACE, 10g Certified Master, RAC Expert, Author of 11g RAC Handbook
  • Guy Harrison - Oracle ACE & MySQL Star, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Matt Warman - Author, Blogger, Speaker & JUG Community Leader
  • Dan Hotka - Oracle ACE Director, Guru, Instructor, Author of 7 Oracle Books 
  • Dario Laverde - Speaker, Blogger, Author & JUG Community Leader
  • Colin Charles - MySQL Evangelist, Blogger, Author & Community Leader 
  • Tariq Farooq - Oracle ACE, Virtualization & RAC Expert, Author, Blogger & Community Organizer
Concept, Genesis & Virtual Reality
Attend, participate & learn cutting edge knowledge from recognized domain experts from all over the world: All within the realm of your broadband connection at the largest Independent "Virtual Conference" for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities. Aimed at a global audience, VirtaThon was conceived to revolutionize Online Conferencing, focusing on the core goal of facilitating the inexpensive dissemination of expert knowledge to the masses. With a special introductory registration of $99 until May 15, 2011, that's less than $1 per session! With 100+ Expert Speakers and Sessions for an incredibly low price, this is one conference you certainly do not want to miss!
Almost everyone of us would like to attend world-class physical conference events but, given these globally tough economic times that we live in, can we afford the costs of attendance, travel, time-off, lodging and such? How about attending a LIVE virtual conference from wherever you choose to be in the world? VirtaThon aptly addresses the attendance cost factor by offering an amazingly low price that attendees can easily afford, no matter which worldwide geographical and economic demographic you belong to!
The biggest prohibiting reasons in attending physical Professional Conferences translate into various inhibiting factors such as travel, time-off, lodging, not to mention the attendance fees that can easily run into the thousands of dollars. VirtaThon bridges this gap and makes it incredibly easy and affordable to attend a 6-day Conference event from the comfort of your PC. All you need is a broadband Internet connect and voilĂ , you are right there: Attending 100+ cutting-edge expert-level sessions and interacting/benefiting from world renowned experts in the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains.
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