Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c R2 configuration on Win 2008 R2 server stops at 78%

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13cR2 configuration on a Win 2008 R2 was stopping at 78% completion  while performing the BI Publisher Configuration. Apparently, the problem exists pre 13cR2 as well.

All OMS components like (WebTier, Oracle Management Server, JVMD Engine) will stop/start during the BI Publisher configuration operations. Unfortunately, the windows service for OMS was taking too long to complete the start operation of Webtier (HTTP) and installation at 78% stopped (didn't move forward). Initially, I have started looking at WebTier startup issues, in the process, tried to disable firewall, also excluded the installation directory from the anti virus on the Window server, and the result remains the same.

Cleaned-up the previous installation and start-over the OEM 13cR2 installation on the server, but this time I didn't check the BI Publisher configuration option as I wanted to exclude the BI Publisher configuration to ensure I complete the OEM installation without any issues. Despite the fact I didn't check the option, OEM started configuring BI and stopped exactly at 78%, the issue remains.

The error messages in the sysman and other OMS logs didn't provide any useful hints, in fact, it was misleading and took me in the wrong direction.

Came across of a MOS ID( 1943820.1), and after applying the solution, OEM configuration completed successfully.

Here is the excerpt from the MOS ID :

On some occasions, httpd.exe will fail to start, If you are missing or have a damaged Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 64-bit package.
It may report the error above, or give <SEVERE> <OHS-0> <Failed to start the server ohs_1>, with 0 bytes of details in the OHS log.
Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64) anyhow.

1. You can obtain this file at:


2. Download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64)

3. Should have a file called vcredist_x64.exe. Run installation.

4. Try starting OHS again.

I understood why Oracle still does the BI Publisher configuration despite I didn't select the option. When you don't select the option, BI Publisher is confgured, but, will be disabled, so that in the future you can easily enable this option.


OHS 12c Fails To Start On Windows Server 2008 X64, with no detailed errors. (Doc ID 1943820.1)