Advt: Sangam11 - All India Oracle User's Group annual conference

Sangam11, AIOUG's annual conference kicks off on 9th December 2011 for two days, a very good opportunity not to miss if you around in India! Third time in a row AIOUG is conducting the annual conference SANGAM with several world's best known Oracle speakers. Last year, it was Jonathan Lewis and this year it is going to be world renowned Expert Arup Nanda who will be the Key presenter and delivering 2 half day session for this conference.

Though I couldn't make it to present this year, I would recommend all who exists in India not to miss the opportunity to listen and meet the world best Oracle expertise on this conference.

For more details about the conference visit here.

Good luck and keep smiling...



Topic for RAC cookbook

Hi everyone,

Perhaps, I could be the first person(please excuse me if I am wrong in my perspective) who would ask the readers about what contents/topic they would like to foresee in a RAC cookbook. Well, I am planning to co-author a new RAC book, tentatively titled 'Oracle 11gR2 cookbook' and I would like you (my readers) to help me and yourself putting forward your inputs/views about the contents that you wanna have in the book.

I knew there are a several good books exists on RAC topic in the market, however, we would like to develop a cookbook which would be very handy, full of practical expertise and very rich in contents so that DBAs could use the book as a reference in their day-to-day practical life. Please take moment to express your thoughts on this point.

Look forward receiving your positive inputs.

Once again, wishing you and your family a very happy EID in advance...



Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Eid Al-Adha

First and foremost, a very happy and prosperous Eid al-Adha to everyone around the world in advance. Our eid holidays  starts off from tomorrow till 11 September 2011, 9 days in total. Believe me, I was desperately looking forward for this break as I really got too busy with 8 node cluster upgrade and DR setup righter after I came back from my OOW conference and trip.

I am not gonna enjoy the days by just sitting idle at home, perhaps. I do have some plans to visit a few places here in Saudi Arabia with family members followed by a long pending blog entry about my cluster upgrade and downgrade experience, finalizing my new books Table Of Contents (TOC) and finally completing the presentation for my forthcoming webinar.

Keep smiling and have a happy health.



Back home safely from OOW

Hi everyone,

I am back home safely after attending my ever first Oracle Open World and followed by a 7 day California trip to Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Universal Studio, Disneyland and other great places. It was an honor and my privilege  to meet other fellow Oracle ACE Directors and very famous Oracle gurus at OOW. I really had a good time at OOW and my family did enjoy the California trip.

Expect an in-detailed blog about my experience at OOW and other interesting details.

Stay healthy and tuned....



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Hi everyone, here is your chance to win one of FIVE Packt Oracle Book subscriptions worth of $120 by answering a very simple question.

Packt Publishing develops Oracle books and eBooks that cover a massive range of Oracle technologies including the Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Applications, Oracle Servers and more. Now, all these books can be accessed from Packt's very own cloud based library, from any browser connected to the Internet. To celebrate the launch of this service, Packt is giving you the opportunity to win one of five year-long subscriptions, just by answering a simple question.

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Good luck.


Technologist of the year, DBA (2011) accolade

Hello everyone,

I totally agree that I was a bit off-colored at my blog of late which is largely due to various factors, like, I was busy attending training, writing exams (mostly ITIL) and kept myself super cool during the entire holy month of Ramadan.Now, I am back on track, expect a lot of buzz and noise from me.

Well, I have got a piece of good news to share with you all on my blog. I am honored with the 'Technologist of the year, DBA' award from the Oracle Magazine Editors choice award (2011) unit members considering all my previous contributions to the Oracle community and my achievements in the Oracle technology, .

Indeed it is a huge honor and pleasure to receive such topmost accolade for my work and I genuinely felt that Oracle has sincerely acknowledge my achievements by giving the most prestigious award. I am thankful to the almighty, my parents and all my folks who kept encouraging me all the way through of my life.

Hopefully I will make it to the upcoming Oracle Open World conference, and what more excites me is  the thought of seeing/meeting with many other fellow Oracle experts/gurus in-person. I can't hide my excitement and emotion on this special moment.

Look forward seeing you in SF.

Best Regards,



Join the IOUG Virtualization Group on LinkedIn and attend an Expert Webinar Series on Oracle-centric Virtualization!

Join some of the world's most respected & renowned experts as they talk about Oracle-Centric Virtualization in a series of 3 experts webinars at IOUG: the premier provider of expert independent content related to Oracle:

Webinar 1 - Jul 27, 2011 - 1pm - 2pm EDT (UTC-4)

Everything to know about Virtualization for Oracle DBAs

To find out more & Enroll4Free join the:

Webinar 1 - Speakers:

tariqfarooqOracle ACE Tariq Farooq is an Oracle Technologist/Architect and has been working with various Oracle Technologies for 17+ years. He is the founder of BrainSurface, a Social Networking & IT Collaboration site for the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains. Tariq is a Oracle RAC Certified Expert and also an active community organizer, speaker, author, forumizer and blogger. He has played multiple high-profile roles in Project Management, Maximum Availability Architure/High Availability Solutions, Virtualization, Real Application Clusters, Database Disaster Recovery/Automatic Failover Strategies, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Performance Tuning, Systems & Application/Infrastructure Analysis & Large-Scale Application/Product Development. He is the author of 100+ articles and is in the process of writing multiple books on Oracle RAC and Oracle VM.
mikeaultOracle ACE Mike Ault has been working with Oracle products since 1990. He has published over 24 books as an author or co-author related to Oracle since 1994. Mike is a frequent, highly rated presenter at local, Regional, National and International Oracle conferences and has worked extensively with Oracle technologies since Version 6. Mike has published numerous magazine article and white papers dealing with Oracle database installation, performance and management topics. Mike has worked in the aerospace, drug, communications and consulting fields dealing with Oracle issues. Mike currently works for Texas Memory Systems, Inc. as their Oracle Guru. 
IOUG Virtualization Group - Expert Webinar Series

Webinar 1 - Date: July 27, 2011: 1pm - 2pm EDT (UTC-4)
Topic: 360 Degrees: Everything to know about Virtualization for Oracle DBAs
Speakers: Tariq Farooq & Mike Ault
Session Abstract:
The speakers will present, detail & elaborate Comprehensive Concepts Overview, Insight, Recommendations, Best Practices, Current Strategies, Pros & Cons, Relevance/Role in Cloud Computing, Prevalent/Dominant Paradigms & Technologies and, a whole lot more about Virtualization as, it relates to Oracle DBAs.

Webinar 2 - Date: August 2011 (Exact Date/Time to be announced soon)
Topic: Virtualizing Oracle Database Servers on VMware
Speakers: George Trujillo and Bert Scalzo, PhD.
Session Abstract:
The default platform for Oracle database servers is rapidly moving towards virtual machines. This is why virtualizing Oracle Databases on VMware is one of the largest growth areas in the IT industry. This presentation will show attendees the various virtualization alternative technologies and how virtualization works under the covers. The quality of service of database management improves significantly by running Database Servers in a VM.  Features such as vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS /HA clusters and SRM  will completely change how DBAs manage their database environments.  Best practices of virtualizing single instance and RAC instances will be covered.

Webinar 3 - Date: September 2011 (Exact Date/Time to be announced soon)
Topic: Virtualized Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips
Speakers: Kai Yu & Oracle Virtualization Product Team
Session Abstract:
Virtualization technology provides the solution to enable the server partition and consolidation for improving the resource utilization and archiving the great flexibility and high availability. By combining with RAC technology, it provides the grid ready architecture to consolidate the data center infrastructure. This presenter covers the configuration of such an infrastructure based on Oracle VM and Oracle 11g R2 RAC. You will learn the  basic Oracle VM architecture and the tips and tricks of network and shared storage configuration on the multiple layers of virtual infrastructure to support 11g R2 RAC database deployment. The presentation will also discuss the various methods to provision 11g R2 RAC database on Oracle VM.

Join NOW at http://linkd.in/mQbAzm


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Since 2006 Packt has published a number of Oracle best-sellers such as Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 – A Hands-On Tutorial, Oracle Coherence 3.5, Oracle Fusion Middleware Patterns and many more.

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Good luck,



My sessions schedule for VirtaThon 2011

As part of upcoming VirtaThon 2011 virtual conference for Oracle, MySql & Java domains, I will be presenting 3 individual sessions and two as a co-panel list. The following is the confirmed schedule for my sessions:

17 July 11:00 - 11:55
Virtual Room # 100

19 July 14:30 - 15:25
Virtual Room # 100

20 July 10:00 - 10:55
Virtual Room # 100

20 July 13:30 - 14:25
Virtual Room # 100
Database - Oracle

21 July 14:30 - 15:25
Virtual Room # 100

Hope to catch you [VIRTUALLY] at the conference and look forward meeting you.

Good luck to all my fellow speakers.



The Countdown begins - Attend4FREE: 6 Days of Expert+ Speakers & Sessions FOR Oracle, MySql and Java technologies

Attend4FREE: 6 Days of Expert+ Speakers & Sessions!

Jul 16 - 21, 2011
100% LIVE & Virtual - No Travel Required!
Seats are LIMITED: Register4FREE NOW!

With keynotes from  Steven Feuerstein, Arup Nanda, Dr. Bert Scalzo, Eddie Awad,   Lewis Cunningham, Tim Gorman, Jeremy Schneider, David Koelle, Guy Harrison, Tariq Farooq and a 4-hour Gold Star Deep-Dive session from Mike Ault, this a DO-NOT-MISS virtual learning event of a lifetime.

Featured Speakers
  • Mike Ault - Oracle ACE, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of 25 Oracle Books
  • Dr. Bert Scalzo - Oracle ACE, Guru, Speaker, Author of 11 Oracle Books
  • Steven Feuerstein - Oracle ACE Director, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Arup Nanda - Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Magazine's DBA of the Year, Author of 4 Oracle Books
  • Brian "Bex" Huff - Oracle ACE Director, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Vinod Haval -  Oracle Magazine's DBA of the Year, Speaker & Community Leader
  • David Koelle - Triple Java Rockstar, Duke's Choice Award Winner, Author, JUG Community Leader
  • Lewis Cunningham - Oracle ACE Director, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books 
  • Riyaj Shamsudeen - Oracle ACE, Performance Tuning Expert Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Syed Jaffar Hussain - Oracle ACE Director, 10g Certified Master, RAC Expert, Author of 11g RAC Essentials
  • Guy Harrison - Oracle ACE & MySQL Star, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of multiple Oracle Books
  • Matt Warman - Author, Blogger, Speaker & JUG Community Leader
  • Dan Hotka - Oracle ACE Director, Guru, Instructor, Author of 7 Oracle Books 
  • Dario Laverde - Speaker, Blogger, Author & JUG Community Leader
  • Colin Charles - MySQL Evangelist, Blogger, Author & Community Leader
  • Kai Yu - Oracle ACE Director, Blogger, Author & Award-Winning Community Leader
  • Eddie Awad - Oracle ACE Director, Award-winning Evangelist, Author, Blogger & Speaker
  • Tariq Farooq - Oracle ACE, Virtualization & RAC Expert, Author, Blogger & Community Organizer
A sneak preview into VirtaThon's Expert+ Sessions
Click here for the entire 6-day conference schedule.
Concept, Genesis & Virtual Reality
Attend, participate & learn cutting edge knowledge from recognized domain experts from all over the world: All within the realm of your broadband connection at the largest Independent "Virtual Conference" for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities. Aimed at a global audience, VirtaThon was conceived to revolutionize Online Conferencing, focusing on the core goal of facilitating the inexpensive dissemination of expert knowledge to the masses.
Almost everyone of us would like to attend world-class physical conference events but, given these globally tough economic times that we live in, can we afford the costs of attendance, travel, time-off, lodging and such? How about attending a LIVE virtual conference from wherever you choose to be in the world?
The biggest prohibiting reasons in attending physical Professional Conferences translate into various inhibiting factors such as travel, time-off, lodging, not to mention the attendance fees that can easily run into the thousands of dollars. VirtaThon bridges this gap and makes it incredibly easy to attend a 6-day Conference event from the comfort of your PC. All you need is a broadband Internet connect and voilĂ , you are right there: Attending 6 days of cutting-edge expert-level sessions and interacting/benefiting from world renowned experts in the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains. 
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