Want to learn RAC????

I have come across of many request on serveral Oracle database forums and here and there asking about to have RAC env. on a PC for testing and learning purpose.
After some browsing, I have got two possibilities for the people who wants the same.

Basic Requirements:
Have a PC with good configuration, at least 1GB of RAM and good amount of DISK space.

Possibility 1:
Mr. Howard J Roger at his web size DIZWELL INFORMATICS has written an excellent articel on 'Building a 10gR2 Laptop RAC on Windows'' in which he greately explained about installation and maintenance of RAC on a PC. Following link will take you the article.


Possibility 2:

If you feel installing Oracle RAC, VMWARE and other stuff would be little bit hectice, at least, for the biginner, then, don't worry, Oracle has a ready made solution for you.

Desktop Data Centers: Oracle-on-Linux VMware Tool Kits

Oracle, VMware, Red Hat and Novell have teamed up to provide everything you need to run a full Oracle Database 10g on Linux environment on your Windows desktop—including the operational infrastructure and step-by-step instructions on how to use Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Note: These kits are for evaluation and development purposes only. Oracle will not support any deployments of these packages.

Currently the test cases are available on RED HAT and NOVELL only.


Good books (in my view) are:

Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux Hardcover by Julian Dyke
Oracle 10g RAC Grid, Services... Paperback by Murali Vallath
Oracle Database 10g Real Application... Paperback by K Gopalakrishnan

Blog which discuss about RAC stuff:

Mr. Kevin Closson maintain's a good blog discussing about RAC stuff. Wroth to add to favourites or book mark his blog.


Few good articles on RAC.

Mr. Julian Dyke wrote couple of good articles on RAC. It can be downloaded from his site.



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Anonymous said...

All the links mentioned above are for a one node , two instance RAC. But Tim Hall has another good article for a two-node, two-instance RAC.