RAC - Reading, Implement & Test

Finally we have got the go signal from the mgmt to test and implement RAC on extended (stretched) clusters for one of the highly OLTP database, this was being discussed for a quite long time. Since, the database is so important, we are carefully doing/testing measuring our scenarios on the RAC.
As an initial step, we have successfully installed Oracle 10gR2 RAC, able to maintain clusters without any issues on AIX, although it took considerable time, finally, we have done it. Now we are thinking of deploying the application to have a test.

I don’t have much experience with RAC nor do I have much knowledge about the through functionality of clusters, RAC and etc.

Considering the above, I though of start learning the concepts of clusters and Oracle RAC functionality. I have ordered following three books from Amazon site:

Oracle 10g RAC Grid, Services & Clustering by Murali Vallath
Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters Handbook (Osborne Oracle Press) by K Gopalakrishnan
Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux: Installation, Administration, and Performance (Expert's Voice in Oracle) by Julian Dyke today!

Yesterday, I got Mr. Gopla’s book and waiting for other two books, expecting end of this week.

Last night I read one chapter about ASM Instance of Gpola’s book. It was a good read; as the author explained very detailed information in a simple format which can be easily digest by anyone who is reading.

I thought of just giving the review of this book once I finish my reading(s).

I am sure, I will be doing it, at least for the sake of writing review, I will read the book thoroughly again and again, until the concepts get cleared to me.

Happy Reading,



Anonymous said...

Have fun reading those books! I'll wait to hear what you have to say about them... :)

Mohammed Moinuddin Umair said...


How are these books.Which one is the best.


Mohammed Moinuddin Umair said...


How are these books.

Which one is more helpfull.


Unknown said...

I am looking to implement Oracle RAC as well. Could you share your thoughts regarding these three books. Which one would you recommend