One more new Oracle Informative Site

Lately I have learnt hat my boss is maintaining a Oracle Informative Site. Upon visiting to his Oracle site, I feel good as he put a lot of stuff about Oracle (trying to put more), and also what we have done lately at our organization to resolve some of production issues, and couple of interesting articles for downloads.

I must appreciate for his work as he took some quality of time from his busiest schedule to put good stuff at his site and made it feel good site.
Although, the site is not fully done whith he wanted to have, still good to visit. He also promised me that he gonna put more stuff about RAC which we are doing on Stretched Clusters.

I am also going to contribute and participate for few activities on his site and we will put good articles written by us which could be useful in day-to-day business of a DBA and could help to resolve some of issues of production databases.

Following is the link for his site:


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