RAC - finally into production

It was like a long cherished dream become true when we successfully moved one of our highly OLTP database from the single node to 2 node RAC on AIX platofrm.

We initially thought of implementing extended RAC between head office and DRC sites. At the last moment we had to drop the plan due to some non-technical reasons. Rather, we simulated the extend RAC in the head office using two different storages.

They were couple problems faced during the implementation, 1) when we changed the default port from 1521 to another, there was an issue with Enterprise Manager Console, as it was still looking for the default port (1521). We couldn't successes in the first attempt of running 'emca -reconfig dbconsloe db' command. However, running the same command second solve the issue. 2) AMS Listener entry missing. After some research we found out the the LOCAL LISTENER entry missing from the ASM initialization parameter. Setting the LOCAL LISTENER parameter in the ASM init file solve the issue. These were related with Enterprise Manager (console), however, the database was functioning without any issues.

Although, we have 2 node RAC, we thought not to distribute the load equally on the two nodes, rather, 90% on one node and 10% on another node, (of course missing failover connection concept here). This was simply to monitor the behavior of the RAC. If we finish the week successfully without issues, we will then implement the load distribution equally to the both nodes.

Once we get the stable line between the head office and DRC site (which a kilometer away from the head office), we will another third node.

I should say that the RAC installation doesn't fancy me was I initially thought. The major challenges lays of maintaining RAC environment and survival commands to quickly come from problematic issues. I am sure that experience will teach us.

If everything goes will, Mr. Murali Vallath will be presenting 4 day RAC in-house training at our premises in coming months. Bit excited about this opportunity.

Thursday and Friday are off (week-end) here in ME (Saudi Arabia). The database will be in live mode this Saturday.

I will keep posting about my experience of RAC.

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Unknown said...

I run a 5 node cluster on AIX - and a 2 node test cluster. I am always looking out for others using RAC on AIX- so I look forward to your future reports.