Voting Disk Backup Procedure Changed in Oracle 11g Release 2

Surely we are going to have too many posts on Oracle 11gR2 new feature by many people and here is mine first post.

As part of our new forthcoming book on 'Oracle 11g Clusterware' by Packt Publications, I have done Oracle 11g R2 clusterware upgrade from Oracle 11gR1 and it was a good learning experience.

Voting Disk backup Procedure Change
In prior releases, backing up the voting disks using a dd command was a required postinstallation task. With Oracle Clusterware release 11.2 and later, backing up and restoring a voting disk using the dd command is not supported.

Backing up voting disks manually is no longer required, as voting disks are backed up automatically in the OCR as part of any configuration change and voting disk data is automatically restored to any added voting disks.

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