Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Eid Al-Adha

First and foremost, a very happy and prosperous Eid al-Adha to everyone around the world in advance. Our eid holidays  starts off from tomorrow till 11 September 2011, 9 days in total. Believe me, I was desperately looking forward for this break as I really got too busy with 8 node cluster upgrade and DR setup righter after I came back from my OOW conference and trip.

I am not gonna enjoy the days by just sitting idle at home, perhaps. I do have some plans to visit a few places here in Saudi Arabia with family members followed by a long pending blog entry about my cluster upgrade and downgrade experience, finalizing my new books Table Of Contents (TOC) and finally completing the presentation for my forthcoming webinar.

Keep smiling and have a happy health.


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