Oracle upgrade with restore point scenario fails

I was recently involved in a 3 instance Oracle RAC v11.2.0.1 database upgrade assignment. My favorite method of database upgrade is manual method. This time I had to opt DBUA tool as per customer demand. A guaranteed restore point was created just before initiating an upgrade process.

When DBUA tool launched and initiated an upgrade process, there were lot of surprises thrown by the tool, like, unable to put the database in flashback database mode etc. It was a scary moment for everyone present around as the tool complained many other issues as proceed along. Finally, the upgrade process was aborted and the DBUA did mention to restore the database from a previous successful backup. It was a heart stop moment.

Luckily no damage was done to the database and restore was not required. Wasn't very sure about guaranteed restore point on v11.2.0.1, so, it was dropped and relaunched the DBUA tool again. And this time the upgrade went through without any surprises and successfully upgraded the database to

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