Oracle Cloud & Third party tools

There have been several buzz words and offerings since the invention of Cloud concepts. We have been hearing of Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid cloud and more recently multi-clouds concepts and offering from many leading cloud market players.  All most all leading market players are offering several tools and solutions to support seamless administration, maintenance and operations tasks.

Despite many OCI offerings, still we sometimes might need third-party tools or solutions to achieve some of the goals to move or manage the cloud platforms. So, I gonna walk through some of the third-party tools/solutions that are certified and supported OCI operations.

  • According to Commvault, over 80% of companies are using the multi-cloud today. Commvault Cloud Backup solution provides support backup and recovery for  over 40% clouds. This can ease backup and recovery operations between clouds.
  • Vertitas's Netbackup 7.7.x supports backup and recovery operations on Oracle Cloud as well as supports multi-cloud data protection solutions. With NetBackup multi-cloud data protection, you can achieve seamless deduplication between data centers and multi-clouds.  
  • Using Cyberduck version 6.4.0 or higher, you can connect to OCI object storage
  • With dbm cloud systems, you can easy move data and VMs from Classic to OCI, migrate & replicate data from on-premise to OCI and move data stored from any cloud vendor into OCI.
  • VictorOps with OCI integration can greatly assist in cloud infrastructure and application monitoring, as well as real-time incident response will improve significantly. 
  • ZeroDown software provides HA option for Oracle cloud infrastructure. 
  • Coriolis is the simplest way to migrate your windows or Linux VMs alongside their underlying storage and networking configuration across cloud platforms.

There are many other third-party useful solutions available in the market. This is a just tiny list of useful third-party solutions on OCI.

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