Oracle Application Server 10g Training

Our training on 'Oracle10g Rel.2 Application Server' has started 3 days ago. Its a 5 day training course which is combined Oracle10g AS fund I & II into a single course. We have skipped the chapters which are not useful in our day to day work and concentrated on only topics which is useful, of course, due to the time contraint to finish the course in 5 day time.

First Day of the course:

During the first hour itself I felt that the instuctor has good knowledge about Application Server and the stuff he is teaching. Well, he was from Oracle DUBAI.

Our entire first session gone in explaining and discussing about our organization setup, what is our setup, and what are the features that we are using in 10g AS. It was a very nice session and the instructor was very much happy to receive our questions.
Post lunch session started with Application Server installation on Linux plat form. We have all installed and configured Application Server on our labs PC in the following sequence:

1. Installed Infrastructure
2. Installed Middle-tier (J2EE/OC4J instance)
3. reviwed the important logs and xml files.
4. Starting all the process using , opmnctl, dcmctl and emctl.
5. Stoping starting instances (middle-tier).

Day two:

Today also a lot of question and answering and discussed about our problems which we are facing in the organization using Application Server.

Today we have learned how to create multiple OC4J instances and application diployment.

Day Three:

Today we have learned about Application Security, Oracle Wallet Manager and infrastructure backup and recovery.

Well, I felt confident that I can install and configure the Oracle 10g AS and diploy the java applications. By the way, we are using J2EE (OC4J instance) not web cache, portal or any other thing from Oracle 10g AS bundle.

Once I finish the course, I will also partitipcate Oracle Application Server Forum like who I am doing for database forums.

Day 4 and 5 will more instresting as we are going to talk about backu pand recovery, cluster and performance tuning. I like performance tuning topic than any other, since, its my very favourate topics. I will update tomorrow.

Day Four:

Today we tried Middle-tier cloning and creating cluster and joining multiple instances to the cluster. We failed to do the same because the Middle-tier which we cloned was already registered with infrastructure, therefore, we couldn't succeed. What we did is that, we removed the cloned middle-tier instance and droped from the cluster. Created a new middle-tier instance and joined to the cluster.

Day Five:

Deployed application on one of the instance in the cluster, which replicated in all the instances associated with this cluster.
Also learned how to tune the middle-tier, using oracle supplied tool, AggreSpy and dcmtool.

Well, we haved completed the 10 day course in 5 day of time, due to time constraints, course run on fast track.
I am planning to take the OCA for Oracle 10g AS in couple of weeks time. Hopefully, partitipates in AS forums on OTN.

Thank you for your valuable time to read this blog.

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