Oracle10g AS Forms and Reports diployment.

Wow, here comes my first assignment in the production after attending Oracle 10g AS courses.
The requirement is to upgrade Oracle 9i AS Forms & Reports to Oracle 10g Forms & Reports.
The good thing about 10g compare to 9i is that you will have a start and stop GUI option in the Oracle folder (windows), which eventually doing OPMNCTL STOPALL.
Procedure that I have done:

1. Ensure that the server ipaddress, DNS, and localhost name (server name) is registered in the windows
hosts file.
2. Start installation of Oracle 10g from the CD. (Middle-tier only, since Forms and Reports comes as
separate CD in 10g Rel.1, I have no other options to select for middle-tier).
3. Specify iasadmin username and password, this password is used later to connect as ias_admin to enter
in the emctl tool. Enterprise Manager Console.
4. Once the installation successfull, check the install log for port and other details of http server.
5. Application Diployment. (forms and reports).
copied the source in d:\App1
specify the location in the httdp.conf file, so that AS can recognize the location of source.
edit \oracleASHome\appache\appache\conf\httpd.conf file
replace value of *DocumentRoot (*DocumentRoot "d:\App1")
replace directory (
and save the file.
6. Configure tnsname.ora file to access to the target database.
7. Stop and start all the process.
8. From the browser, run like , http://hostname

Wow, it was so easy to do and I was happy that in first attempt I was succeeded.


ruhu said...

Its good to know you did it.but i would like to know "How to make Connection between oracle 10g forms and reports",whenever i am trying to call reports from form it is not opening.do you have any idea ??? and also i would

ruhu said...

hi,i would like to know how can you connect oracle 10g reports with oracle 10g forms.i tried to configure many things but still i am unable to call oracle reports from oracle 10g forms.can you help me.